When to Plant? Timing is Everything

When to Plant? Timing is Everything

When to Plant? Timing Is Everything

Great Plains Planter

Great Plains Planter


As with most things in life, when it come to planting corn (or your garden) timing is everything.  While talking to folks in the mid-west; depending on their location (and therefore their individual point of view) I’ve heard this spring described as “Too cold”, “Too dry” and “Just about normal” (I’m sure someone believes it has been too wet but I haven’t heard them say it – yet).

Whatever the specific weather in your area, every planting season presents some of those, “Think on your feet”, decisions with regard to when and how to plant. This spring is as “Normal” has any in that it has its own quirks to understand and contend with.

AgLoop ran onto an insightful article written by Mr. Bob Nielsen and presented by Purdue Extension.


We recommend you take a few minutes to consider this information as you adjust your own planting plan.

Be safe out there!

Art Massing
Written by Art Massing

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