Take Stewardship & Weed Management to the Next Level

Take Stewardship & Weed Management to the Next Level

I had an opportunity to spend a few hours with the folks from the FMC Corporation and discuss two things that are of great interest…soil and weeds.  I personally am a huge fan of soil…played in it since I could crawl…like my cows, I care for soil very much.  Weeds are also of interest, they are my nemesis…the Penguin to my Batman and because they rob nutrients, moisture, and add to my input costs…they are bad when found in my fields and pastures.

The folks I discussed my trials and tribulations with concerning being a Steward of the Soil and being able to  control weeds, especially resistant weeds, are well versed in the challenges and the work needed when finding the overall solutions for your farm.  Our meeting also led to a great a conversation about how what I learned in the 70’s and my grandfather and father understood all so well really never should have been given up for the simplicity of one chemical for all and all for one chemical…Mother Nature is smarter than we thought!

To help put it all in perspective, the folks at FMC provided this one handy infographic to share.  You can also share this with your FFA class, 4-H groups, and others.  Also,  ask grandpa about how they prepared for fighting weeds in his day.  I am thinking he knows some cool tricks of the trade that you might enjoy talking about over some coffee or iced tea.

Be safe!

You can download the infographic below at Stewardship & Weed Management



J.R. Brown
Written by J.R. Brown

Retired USAF SNCO, Hay & Cattle Farmer, GIS User, Antique Farm Machinery Collector, Favorite old iron...anything Oliver, Moline, Farmall, or Allis-Chalmers.

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