Alfalfa Stand Assessment

Alfalfa Stand Assessment



For all those “Alfalfa Hay Guys” out there, whether you have 5 acres and 500, many  of us us had a particularly rough winter.  This means if your alfalfa fields are beginning to come back to life you need to get out and do some scouting.  Those below-zero temperatures we experienced again and again this winter, at times with no snow cover in some areas means we could have some heavy plant loss.

To help our alfalfa readers, here are some links we recommend to help you check out your fields and make an assessment of your alfalfa ground.  There is also advice to assist you in making decisions if  your stand is starting to tamper off.  Remember… high quality forage leads to high quality livestock and if your are a seller, it means higher prices and happier customers.

Below are some great links to check out.

This link has a great graph on helping figure yield and pictures to assist in determining root health…

Another great link for your reference library…

Strategies for winter damage…

We will have some more hay references and articles to come as the season goes on.  Also some videos when the cutting starts.

Please be safe this and every hay season…enjoy the time in the field and mentor the younger folks.  Regardless of the challenges, being a farmer or rancher in any size operations is better than a day in a cubicle every time.









J.R. Brown
Written by J.R. Brown

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