Planting Wheat in the AgLoop “Old Iron” Field

Planting Wheat in the AgLoop “Old Iron” Field

Well, we did some work in Old Iron field Number 2.  As you know, Art and I love the Old Iron,  it takes us back to the 60’s and 70’s!  Anyway, we picked up another field that is too small for the big stuff…in fact you cannot get a new planter or combine into this field.  But it made a great field for the antique fleet.  The field has not been anything more than a grass hay field since 1976.  Also, during that time junk was thrown into the field.  On top of that nothing was done to this field in 2013.  So we rented it, knocked down the tall grass and weeds with a cultimulcher…took soil samples…plowed it…picked up six loader loads of rocks, bricks, trash, steel and pulled one full length fence post of the ground…I walked that field a half-dozen times just to be sure, we got most of the trash.  Then we disked it a few times, fertilized it, disked it again, and planted.  In the video you will see the following tractors and machinery…Oliver 1655, Oliver 1600, Farmall M, Farmall H,  Ford 2N with loader, Allis-Chalmers disk, McCormick-International disk, Unknown brand cultimulcher,  telephone pole drag, homemade 2 x 10 drag (50 years old), and a John Deere FBB drill.  So, we are not color-blind when it comes to old iron, we believe all of those  pieces were great items in their day.  It definitely gives you a new appreciation for grandpa and dad…and Art and I when we were younger.

The video shows clips of a little bit of everything, so enjoy the video and please be safe folks…



J.R. Brown
Written by J.R. Brown

Retired USAF SNCO, Hay & Cattle Farmer, GIS User, Antique Farm Machinery Collector, Favorite old iron...anything Oliver, Moline, Farmall, or Allis-Chalmers.

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    November 19, 2014

    We are so proud of you.