Old Indiana Farm Guys First Movie ~ Harvest Like 1950


Allis Combine 6

Allis-Chalmers 60

This is my first time playing a few hours with iMovie to make a quick video of some ‘Old Indiana Farm Guys’. I hope you enjoy the video. In July 2013 we all had a lot of fun playing with all the field ready antique machinery owned by the the Massing family in Central, Indiana. That day we cut a few acres of wheat in a field that was tilled, planted, harvested, and baled with older machinery. Up until the baling nothing was newer than the early 1950s. We touched the 1960’s with the tractor and baler when we baled the straw. It provides a new appreciation for the changes in agriculture when you take a step back in time and it takes as much time to do 2 acres as 40. Back then machinery was, as Art often states, “More human size”. The only thing I can say is at least the machinery is older than me. Lot of fun on a beautiful July day. Hope you enjoy and please be safe.

J.R. Brown
Written by J.R. Brown

Retired USAF SNCO, Hay & Cattle Farmer, GIS User, Antique Farm Machinery Collector, Favorite old iron...anything Oliver, Moline, Farmall, or Allis-Chalmers.

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    March 22, 2014

    Just seen the movie! Great job, guys.


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