AgLoop.TV PrecisionHawk, Episode 1 Show


PrecisionHawk Lancaster Platform #AgUAS

PrecisionHawk Lancaster Platform #AgUAS

We had a successful launch tonight of our first episode of AgLoop.TV.  We are going to re-run Wednesday, but in the meantime we wanted to give you access to the stars of the show, Tyler and Lia from Precision Hawk along with the Lancaster Unmanned Aerial System (UAS).

Please enjoy this great presentation by one the leaders in the AgUAS arena as they discuss a general overview of what is available in the marketplace and what of type platforms work best where.  They also discuss sensors and why collaboration with your agronomist and seed company can pay big dividends.  We often say it is the data, what we at AgLoop call agintelligence, but there is more to the story.  As dicussed in the presentation, it is important to what data you need to collect.  Being an old USAF intel guy I like to think of it as creating an Agintelligence Collection Requirement (ACR), which consists of what data you need for the task at hand and is  available as a decision-maker to increase yields, save on input cost, protect the environment and put more cash in your pocket.

Enjoy this presentation by PrecisionHawk and we recommend you follow them on Facebook and Twitter by the PrecisionHawk name.


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    Great blog here! Like the stories and videos. Keep them coming.


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    Enjoyed your information


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