Ag Intelligence: FMC Unveils New Crop Protection Delivery Platform

Ag Intelligence: FMC Unveils New Crop Protection Delivery Platform

Like many farmers I love a good farm show and like to look for the latest technology that is being developed to help producers across the globe feed the planet’s ever growing population.  Many look at the big equipment, like tractors and combines.  Others look for the latest media craze, like UAVs.  Then there are those of us that like to find the tech that will save time, save work…face it I am getting older…and of course save me input costs…because with prices down and the still tough negotiations over rent, it has become a lot about long-term planning with the current equipment, such as the farm’s planter. That is what brings FMC’s 3RIVE 3D technology to center stage. Believe it or not one of their guys in the field, Mike Harper of Missouri,  a man that talks to…and listens to farmers about crop challenges came up with the the idea that has become 3RIVE 3D (pronounced as  “Thrive 3D”).  I am the first to applaud those that collaborate and listen to farmers…good job Mike…that makes you a farmer hero buddy!

Here is a video from FMC to help explain the technology that they have created with their partners at Emerge Application Solutions … 3RIVE 3D Introduction Video

The benefits of 3RIVE 3D were explained by FMC’s Matt Hancock at the National Farm Show as follows:

– The 3RIVE 3D mounts on all major planters

– It weighs only 1600 pounds fully loaded (300 gallons of water/30 gallons of chemical)

– On-board planter formula mixing, no measuring needed

– The 3D expanding formulation goes right into the seed furrow

– It provides nearly 500 acres of coverage between fills; saving time & fuel

– The entire installation of the equipment is done by trained personnel

Presently, FMC has taken their popular active ingredient in Capture LFR and created a new formulation called Capture 3RIVE 3D  designed especially for the new applicator.  The applicator, which you see on the planter hitch when looking at the picture and video, mixes the water and chemical product and pumping them via independent pumps to manifold devices attached right on the planter tool bar for distribution into the furrow.  There is no measuring,  just fill the proper parts of the tank, water (300 gal) and chemical (30 gal) and go.  The product is dispersed as a dense and elastic foam that stays where applied, in the seed furrow.

FMC and Emerge just started production and hope to get 100 units out into the field this season.  The cost of the system will be about $1,000 per planter row, fully installed by professionals.  For more information about 3RIVE 3D, which combines on-board formulation, advanced application technology and active ingredient dispersal to the soil where it is needed, contact FMC Corp.

Please always keep safety in mind and we will see you around the AgLoop.



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