A Look at the AgLoop Old Iron Collection

A Look at the AgLoop Old Iron Collection

The AgLoop guys have a little of everything, the vast majority belongs to Art.  He has been a collector since he was 12 years year’s old and has a passion for keeping things operational, regardless of age and when restoring, making them factory new.  His brother John and I have a few pieces., as well  But you find them all working and keeping us turning wrenches in our spare time. at our AgLop hangout (Art’s old barn or the Old Iron Fields).  Here are some the things you will see the AgLoop Guys playing with if you drop in for a cup of coffee or an iced tea…see ya around…



J.R. Brown
Written by J.R. Brown

Retired USAF SNCO, Hay & Cattle Farmer, GIS User, Antique Farm Machinery Collector, Favorite old iron...anything Oliver, Moline, Farmall, or Allis-Chalmers.

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