Ag Intelligence: DTN Helps You Know “Your” Weather

Ag Intelligence: DTN Helps You Know “Your” Weather

Ag Intelligence: DTN Helps You Know “Your” Weather

In agriculture, information has the greatest impact on the bottom-line.  That one element of data that impacts your day-to-day operational planning most  is…weather!

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Like the great Generals in history, farmers have always…always…had to work around or in concert with the weather. This year and those in the future will be no different. However, today, the latest technology gives operators and business the ability to plan with much greater detail than ever imagined just a decade ago.  This intelligence…”ag intelligence” provides you, the farmer, the custom operator, or the consultant a greater ability to analyze, plan, and execute operations with the best information available for your farm or customer…not the regional forecast…but, the forecast for your farm and remotely located fields.

The one tool that exists for just this reason is the DTN Ag Weather Station, which brings Precision Weather to the locations you care about most. With this ag intelligence you can better plan the following operations;

  • Where to place people and when
  • Have people traveling to locations to work based on winds for spraying
  • Schedule maintenance or other jobs based on weather conditions
  • Save on water and energy costs by planning irrigation requirements
  • Know your localized risk for more efficient operations, based on wind, moisture, and humidity
  • Have a historical database of detailed weather information to use with other sources for decision-making

DTN ensures your weather system is always functioning at peak performance with;

  • Professional installation
  • Automated Controls
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Professional customer service

Get a head start with the ag intelligence you need today to increase the bottom-line with the collaborative tools of today and the future to help with better decision-making…because the right data helps you make the best decisions at the right time.

For more information on the DTN Weather System…call Wade Critser at 402-980-3417.




J.R. Brown
Written by J.R. Brown

Retired USAF SNCO, Hay & Cattle Farmer, GIS User, Antique Farm Machinery Collector, Favorite old iron...anything Oliver, Moline, Farmall, or Allis-Chalmers.

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    July 18, 2014

    An item worth further discussion and you should write more on weather and the tech9ology available, it drives the train between profit and loss most years.


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